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For the up-and-coming artist in need of an online presence, this starter package introduces you and your music to the world. With an Exclusive Press Release, Premium Blog Features, Social Media boost and a spot on the Fastest Growing Music Charts, you will go from just making music - to having a music career.

As an independent artist, that moment when a company tells you their Starter Packages "starts" at $3,500 can be very discouraging. But we're taking those numbers way, way down. The Starlight Starter Package is Only $779. And for a limited time, we're giving all first time clients 50% off.

Try The Starlight Starter Package today for only $379 and get an Exclusive Press Release, Premium Blog features on, HipHopOnDeck,, Stars Magazine and 6 other blogs depending on your genre.


  1. We work with you to schedule an interview time that works for both you and one of our experienced publicists.
  2. You do a 30-45 minutes phone interview with our publicist to gather data and insight about your already released single, or a project yet to be released.
  3. Our journalist and editors craft your press release and we send you a rough draft for review. At this point you can either request changes or give the green light for approval. We work with you until the press release is perfected.
  4. Once approved we get your press release and music featured exclusively on blogs that have been known to give up-and-coming artists their big break.: Stars Magazine HipHopOnDeck and More.


We've partnered exclusively with 10 of the most influential companies in the music industry to help distribute your Press Release to more than 4.5 millions fans worldwide. You will receive 1 sponsored Tweet from 12 of the music industry's most influential companies on Twitter, Including:

And that's not all. For a limited time we will get your Single on The Fastest-Growing Music Chart. The @Upcoming100 Charts Guranteed. See the Charts here.

The Starter Package also includes Starlight PR's 1st Quarter A&R Directory. Powerful connections to help you succeed. For a limited time we've also partnered with Managers Pro™ to give our Starter Package clients a 1 year subscription to They have over 100,000+ artist-managers available globally. Perfect for artists looking for a manager.


Not only do we offer a refund policy but If it's not the most comprehensive Press Release Article ever written about you, get 2X your money back Guaranteed! We are that confident.

With a project manager, PR coordinator publicist and our entire team at your command, try our Starter Package today and experience another level of professionalism. No where else can you get this much leverage and peace of mind for such an affordable Price. Book It today and make our team yours.

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