Exclusive Interview with Mr. Fresh

StarlightPR1 Staff | May 04, 2021

An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Fresh.

StarlightPR1: What made you decide to pursue a career in music?

Mr. Fresh: “I wanted to pursue a music career because I’ve always had love and appreciation for the influential power it has and how it can form generations and I want to b a part of that and the positive impact I can have on people.”
StarlightPR1: What kind of a music artist would you classify yourself as?

Mr. Fresh: “I classify myself as a realist I feel like I speak of real life experiences and things ppl can relate too”
StarlightPR1: What sets your music apart? What is unique about it?

Mr. Fresh: “I feel the fact that I’m fluent in both English and Spanish and that what I talk about is real life experiences “
StarlightPR1: What’s the inspiration behind your single “Circulo”?

Mr. Fresh: “I’ve bin in toxic relationships that are great when it’s good and horrible when it’s bad 
Círculo translates to circle like a revolving door of toxic behavior “

StarlightPR1: So far, how would you assess your music career? Is it moving as you wanted it to?

Mr. Fresh: “Yes I feel for it being a extremely new career of 6 months it’s moving at a good pace and I’ve bin Getting mostly great feedback on my music” 
StarlightPR1: Who’s your biggest musical influence? How were you influenced?

Mr. Fresh: “I’ve always bin a huge fan of the kings of hip hop 2pac , biggie , Eminem.
But I do focus more on my Spanish side and that’s bin daddy yankee, bad bunny ,Ozuna ,arc angel 
Have definitely inspired me to make good quality music “

StarlightPR1: What are the essential qualities that make a good artist?

Mr. Fresh: “Substance, relatability, and being genuine and most importantly being yourself and who you really are not who other you pl want you to be “
StarlightPR1: What do you like the most about being in the music industry?

Mr. Fresh: “I feel like I never expressed myself emotionally and I feel this is a great way to do that and tell my story at the same time “

StarlightPR1: What is your advice to other upcoming artists?

Mr. Fresh: “Keep pushing never give up if music is your pasión make sure you never give that up “
StarlightPR1: Where can potential fans find out more about you?
Mr. Fresh:
“They can find me on Instagram that’s Wer I’m most active and stay tuned I will b everywhere soon."

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