R&B/Hip-Hop Fresh Picks of the Week: NAO, Joy Crookes, NLE Choppa & More

Rouhanin | June 22, 2021

Another Monday, another round-up of the freshest picks of the week.

From smooth, ethereal R&B to bouncy, emotional trap, this list is bound to include a track suitable for every moment of the next seven days. This week, listen to the sounds of NAO, Joy Crookes, NLE Choppa and more -- and fon't forget to share the wealth with our Spotify playlist, linked below.

G.T., “Aladdin”

G.T. is Detroit through and through. The Eastside rapper’s accent shines through his music, and on his new single “Aladdin,” he is high on life. “I’m floating, man, I need a Louis carpet/ I feel like Aladdin,” he raps on the third single off of his forthcoming album, Motion.

Jenevieve, “Midnight Charm”

On her new single, Jenevieve uses her “Midnight Charm” to secure her dream man. The L.A.-based artist is a promising young singer, and out of the handful of songs she has out, no two sound quite the same.

Mariah the Scientist, “2 You”

Atlanta-based singer Mariah the Scientist is letting go on her new single, “2 You”: “But look at what we made/ Sure was beautiful/ Now I lay it in the grave/ Now I'm all covered in dirt,” she sings. “2 You” is the third single off of her upcoming album, Ry Ry World.

NLE Choppa, “Letter To My Daughter”

NLE Choppa celebrated Father’s Day with “Letter To My Daughter,” with the Memphis rapper dedicating the trap ballad to his 1-year-old, Clover, who he seemingly has had trouble seeing due to issues with her mother. “I know I got a daughter that I barely get to see/ It haven't been a couple hours, it's been since the first week/ And lately, I been losing sleep and it’s been hard for me to eat,” he raps passionately.

JGreen ft. Hotboii, “Never Switching Sides”

Florida rapper JGreen is “Never Switching Sides” on his new single. The YNW affiliate teamed up with fellow Florida artist Hotboii for a rhythmic, 808s-heavy bop, trading verses about the principle of loyalty while playing paintball in the song’s video.

Joy Crookes, “Feet Don't Fail Me Now”

UK-born singer Joy Crookes exudes power and pride in her latest single, "Feet Don't Fail Me Now." In a style reminiscent of a modern-day Amy Winehouse, the singer-songwriter visually intertwines her South Asian roots in the equally captivating music video, creative-directed by Crookes herself. The track exudes solidarity, liberation and confidence, amplified by Crookes' unfaltering vocal performance.

Mykki Blanco ft Blood Orange, "It's Not My Choice"

Shape-shifting rapper Mykki Blanco recruited fellow genre-bending vocalist Blood Orange on "It's Not My Choice," a deep cut from their latest album, Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep. The track features elements of house music, thick vocal harmonies, and an airy feel, as Blanco passionately laments over a breakup.

Amindi, "Haircut"

In a conceptually simple single titled "Haircut," Amindi takes herself on a date. Drawing in on her laid-back vocal prowess and lyrical finesse, the Inglewood-raised Jamaican artist sings, "Whoever said that I'm not bad, they f--kin' lied/ Look in the mirror at myself like, damn she fine."

NAO, "Messy Love"

With gentle vinyl crackles floating in the background, NAO's second single of 2021 steps away from an afrobeats feel, leaning deep into the UK crooner's R&B roots. In "Messy Love," NAO is hesitant to re-enter a toxic situationship, declaring, "'Cause no one wants fool's love/ That kind of messy love."

Naomi Sharon, "Daughter Of The Sun"

Newcomer Naomi Sharon shares an otherworldly ballad with her latest single, "Daughter of the Sun." With an instrumental feel reminiscent of bossa nova, the Dutch-Caribbean vocalist gingerly delivers thick melodies, weaving in Portuguese lyrics into a transfixing track that offers a body-positive message through its accompanying visual.

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