Inspirational Young Artist Liv Byrne Offers Introspective Look At Life On Forthcoming New Album ‘Growing Pains’

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – A number of fans have already joined the journey of fast-rising artist Liv Byrne, whose impressive covers on Instagram have racked up thousands of views over the past few years. But with her upcoming album “growing pains,” this young up-and-coming musician is set to take her talents to the global stage and put her music in front of millions of new listeners.

Byrne is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter and producer originally from South Florida. She recently moved to New York to pursue music and has since been steadily climbing the social ladder of industry insiders and new fans. She started performing music at the age of just 8 years old and took her first steps into songwriting at age 11. She hasn’t looked back since. Her sound is heavily influenced by artists such as Daniel Caesar, Ariana Grande, Jeremy Zucker, Blackbear, Alina Baraz, and Doja Cat. And taking a cue from those artists, Byrne writes in such an emotionally vulnerable way that listeners can connect to her music through their shared human experience. Her thought-provoking lyrics and deeply emotional productions are soul-stirring and the signature style that makes her music so special.

Though “growing pains” isn’t slated to release until early 2022, Byrne has already dropped the debut single, “mad at you.” It’s a song that she said is all about the first stages of getting out of a toxic relationship. It explores the feelings and emotions of someone who has fully made up their mind that they’re fed up with being treated wrongly. 

“It’s about admitting to yourself that you don’t want to be treated this way anymore,” Byrne said. “When you’re left alone by yourself and you’re trying to figure out who you want to be and all the difficulties within that. And it talks about the solutions you come up with and how you grow from that experience.”

Byrne said the song has more of a Rock/Pop/Alternative vibe to it, which is a great introduction to the album, which explores a variety of vibes within the Alt-Pop, R&B, and Rock genres. The album also is a great platform to display Byrne’s unique voice and lyrical structure. 

“When I write a song, the first verse is knee-deep in an emotion that’s consuming you while also being free of judgment,” she said. “With the second verse, you take a few steps back and reflect on the first verse and consider how to move forward. That’s typically my lyric structure. The product comes along and creates a nurturing and safe environment that helps you ponder the things I challenge you with. I want to help you explore some new ideas in a judgment-free zone, and feel some things that we as human beings may not be as proud to feel sometimes.”

Ultimately, Byrne said she hopes her music is known for its authenticity. She never wants to hide from any of the upsetting emotions that come from the ups and downs of life. In fact, she prides herself on being honest and telling things as they are. But fans have come to recognize that there’s a certain kind of comfort in that approach.

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