VeeVerse Releases “Boarding Pass,” Giving Fans A Ticket To Multi-Diverse Hip Hop


MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE - After hitting the hip hop scene with his debut album, “Hayl,” VeeVerse has pulled out all the stops for his follow-up EP, “Boarding Pass.” 

“The crazy thing is I don’t listen to hip-hop as much as people think I do. I listen to R&B, rock, and everything outside of hip hop,” said VeeVerse. “So, I know when I start writing that I have a clear mind. I’m always trying to be creative with my next pitch.”

VeeVerse’s creative process is unique but results in an ingenious four-track EP containing multiple hip hop styles, including pop, trap, and R&B influences which result in VeeVerse’s dynamic cadence. “I try not to sound the same on every individual track that I create,” explained VeeVerse. “My cadence changes within different genres that I collab with. My cadence is Trappist and R&B. Of course, you still hear the same voice in each song, but I always try to be creative and think outside the box.”

“Boarding Pass” is produced by Tim Hill and represents VeeVerse’s ability to shift from rapping a sappy love song to a hype song to rally the audience to a pop-influenced piece. 

The first track on “Boarding Pass” is “Air,” which includes a Phil Collins sample infusing a pop vibe. Written after the death of a friend, VeeVerse pours his heart out, paying tribute to his friend using the famous pop song’s beat as a background for VeeVerse’s silky smooth lyrics. 

Channeling his inner J. Cole, “Line Em Up” is destined to be a crowd favorite with its mellow vibes as VeeVerse invites his haters to line up. “Line ’em up for whoever is coming against me,” he said. “Just line ’em up; I’m ready.” 

“Nvm” (a.k.a. Never Mind) mixes singing and rapping in a hip-hop song, demonstrating his musicality to switch back and forth while relating to fans with the song’s message. While everyone deals with things out of their control, “Nvm” tells listeners to step back and simply say, ‘never mind’ and walk away from trouble, whether it is someone playing mind games or potential physical harm. 

Going back to his rapping roots, “You Thought” rounds out the new EP with a strong trap performance. “I’m talking real reckless in this song. You can never get past me with anything. So, don’t think that you can,” he said, describing the lyrics. 

“Boarding Pass” shows his growth as a musician and lyrical hip-hop artist. Content with his first EP, VeeVerse knows “Boarding Pass” is a step up. “I reached into my bag and pulled out a little extra for this EP - a little extra energy and time with this one. I worked on it for months to make sure that it was right,” he said. “I listened to beats over and over again just to find the right one.”

As more fans get introduced to this born and raised Murfreesboro artist, VeeVerse has found his place in the hip-hop world as a lyrical mastermind who can shapeshift musical genres. “I am multi-diverse. I don’t discriminate against nobody. I want everybody to enjoy my music. I’m just trying to bring everybody together when I create music,” he said.

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Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/veeverse/1051046558
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/veeverse
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/05fCjnIamecAuTYoI076d6
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Vee615 
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/VeeVerse
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/VeeVerse
TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8qvArBF/
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/VeeVerse615

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