Ali Berke Dance-Pop Gives A Voice To Growing Up On Upcoming Single “19 Through 20”

LONG ISLAND, NY–It takes heart, soul, and real-life experiences to write relatable pop ballads. Singer Ali Berke grew up listening to young female pop stars who showed Berke that she could do just the same. Her upcoming single “19 Through 20” talks about growing up and the transition of leaving your teens and entering adulthood, looking to write a leading soundtrack for the youth.

Berke’s entertainment career started off-Broadway in NYC. Then relocating to suburban Long Island, she realized that a theater stage wasn’t where she wanted to bring her voice and started writing music at 13-years-old. At 21, Berke has released 6 successful singles, including 2019’s “I Wanna Know Why” and 2021’s “The Unknown”’s catchy, modern dance-pop that shows off the emotional and empathetic sides of her artistry and experiences, while her videos are known for their cinematic stories and sharp choreography. Berke’s style is comparable to contemporaries such as Tate McRae, Camila Cabello, and Ariana Grande.

Berke crafts her art visually and sonically, performing with her crew of background dancers on-stage, and works to make anthems that connect her with listeners. That’s her goal with “19 Through 20,” expressing that she wants to give a voice to young women trying to navigate their way through hardships and the difficulties that come with growing pains.

“It's just a really feel-good song. It's really about coming of age when you transition, when you're 19 and you're turning 20 and it's like you're not a kid, but you're not an adult, and you're kind of stuck in the middle,” explains Berke. “That whole time period from when you're 16 to 23 is constantly going to be like that in the middle age. Our lives are so filled with ups and downs like a roller coaster and sometimes you go through a loop. And I really wanted to find a song that really portrayed how I was feeling at that time.”

As “19 through 20” will be released June 24th, Berke is set to open for AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys July 15th at Stereo Garden in Patchogue, NY. This won’t be Berke’s first time performing in Long Island, having seasoned concert experience in both her home state and in Los Angeles, but an opportunity to show an audience filled with various generations of pop fans that she's not only continuing the legacy, but representing an upbeat and empathetic voice of her own while growing as an artist.

“There's so many things that we go through just as human beings, especially children, and sometimes people don't always want to speak out or say anything. So I like to share my stories and things that I went through to let people know you're not alone. I'm up here on the stage. I'm singing to you and I went through exactly what you might've gone through yesterday. So I just want people to know it's going to be okay. You're not alone, and that's something that music really did for me when I was younger. So my biggest goal with my music is for me to give that to other people.”

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