45 Redline Is On The Cusp Of Greatness With New EP ‘Dark Moon’

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Emo trap group 45 Redline is on the verge of success, debuting their second EP Dark Moon, and working with Grammy-nominated and award-winning producers and engineers like Million Dollar Snare, Q Made the Beat, J3M sound, Jorge Marroquin, and Tatum Martin. 

The five-member group started making music right out of high school in 2017 when original members Blake Evan and Cole Henry, who had then been making beats and learning how to engineer, joined forces with Flam Pkmn.

By 2020, they wanted to start a group and brought in additional members—people they worked with in the past and already knew. Those people included Duxe Lee, born in Sac and raised in Atlanta till his return to California, Hersadhero, and additional engineering and instrumentals from guitarist Miguel Ramirez. 

Signed to independent label Pakkmann Records, 45 Redline’s members all singularly contribute to their sound, but also do the photography and videography work seen on the cover of the group’s singles and EPs. Their writing, engineering, and production collectively put together their musical influences – think the guitar riffs of mid-90s to early 2000s rock, the lyrical structure of emo rappers like Juice Wrld, the beats of trap music, and the cadence of mumble rap, make their blend a unique sound thats heaviness is for a purpose. 

“For a second we were kind of going with not a planet theme, or a space theme, but a changing of time periods. With Red Sun, or Dark Moon, for me it's more of a mental health kind of thing. When you look at tides changing and stuff like that, it just kind of all correlates with our lyrics talking about when you're waking up and maybe you don't feel the greatest, or relationship problems, or whatever it is that kind of feels dark,” says Hersadhero. “Certain songs that we have like ‘bloodyred6,’ and ’Planet Pain,’ it all kind of just goes back to mental health and depression and the kind of the things that we want people to overcome, but not necessarily talking about the positive message. It's more so of how everybody kind of feels this way. And so we kind of want people not to feel like they're alone.”

Listeners are introduced to members of the group in their latest video released for “Nightmare.” Melodic guitars open the track and cross paths with equally melodic vocals with a trap beat, singing about what each member describes as a failed relationship. On Dark Moon, tracks like “It doesn’t matter” have a progressive metal-like style, while “Bloodyred6" and “Planet Pain” mix together hip-hop and screamo. 

Growing out of the small but mighty Sacramento scene means relocating to Los Angeles for 45 Redline. They make their move this August, but have previously performed in the Los Angeles area at Kush Stock Festival. Their sound is catchy in the hip-hop underground, but as a group, they also aim at bringing up mental health stigmas through the reality of those pains, where the positive cannot exist without the negative. Although the group's music surrounds that ethos, their career will only be going positive from here. 

“We want to be able to hint at the stuff that people don't want to talk about. I want to say things that might get a little bit too dark for certain people, but if it's too dark for certain people, that's the faint of heart. That's not what we kind of want; we want people to understand that it's not great outside, but you have to be okay with it.”

Make sure to stay connected to 45 Redline on all platforms for new music, videos and social posts. 


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