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The Perfect Jump Shot Started Mr. VIPís Basketball Career That Was Paving His Way To The NBA.

Born Brent Nance Jr., and raised in Brooklyn and Maryland, with a musician father, Mr. VIP’s scope on the industry starts from the roots of his early age and sports career, attempting to join the NBA without any high school or college basketball experience. That ended in an injury, but sparked his urge to learn how to produce and make beats in 2009. 

The results were his recording company, Ecnan World Group, and its successes that led Nance to become more behind-the-scenes in his work. With that experience came his debut record, Party, which talks about Nance’s experiences from college to now, and the laidback lifestyle of hanging out and having a good time. Following Party was 2014’s Great Things Come In Threes - Keep It 100, and its re-release in 2016, and then No Radio Play, an instrumental ode to underground artists getting by without a radio hit. 

“Using Mr. VIP was a simple name and I decided to keep a lot of things simple,” says Nance. “I even named my album using 'good things coming through,' the catch phrase a lot of people use when it becomes appropriate. So I was like, I could use 'Great Things.’”

Great Things and its single “Self-Made” has received positive reviews, his music being compared to 2000s hip-hop—from the rhythm of 50 Cent, to Method Man and Nas’ beats. 

“I take it as a compliment, because it reminds them of an era where music was at an all-time high,” says Mr. VIP, “So if that's what that's doing, then that means that people are going to buy it, even if it doesn't sound as relevant and doesn't sound like today's music people will buy it because of the quality and the whatever that it represents in terms of a really good quality music.”

“My Woman Knows” is Mr. VIP’s latest single he’s released online, talking about his success comparative to his stage name, which represents Nance’s lifestyle and song-writing. He wants his woman to know who Nance is, but he’s also singing the essence of his career timeline to his audience. 

“My album really focuses on really just the lifestyle, the jewelry, cars,” explains Nance, whose upcoming album Exotic Women, a 9-track album Nance is gearing up to record and using programs such as Mixcraft and Looplabs and record and mix. 

“Having an unconventional route catches people's attention. A lot of the stuff I've done is high quality, there's very few flaws in the work that I do.”

Make sure to stay connected to Mr. VIP on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

“My Woman Knows" by Mr. VIP

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