Alabama Artist Big Vontay Plans Big ‘Intro’ To Kick Off Career

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Everyone has to start somewhere and for Alabama rapper and independent artist Big Vontay, the new single called “Intro” is his start on the road to becoming a professional singer and rapper.

“Intro,” is what it says it is — it’s Big Vontay introducing himself to the world and it drops on all platforms on Jan. 27.

“I really want people to know how I’m coming as in I’m not trying to be a taker but I’m not going to be picked on,” Vontay said. “Just like how everyone feel they’re the takers or they’ve went through a struggle, I’ve been through the same struggle, maybe even worse. I’m just putting it in my song to try to paint a picture for you. And the song is called ‘Intro,’ so it’s just the beginning of the story. This is the first song I’ve put out so there’s a lot more story to be told, a lot more pieces to the story.”

Big Vontay said he and his mother essentially grew up together. She had him when she was only 14 or 15.

“I’m from Alabama, a small city called Sawyerville,” he said. “my mama had me when she was young, probably around 14 or 15, so as she’s upgrading her life and trying to become a woman, I'm just standing and growing with her. We went from Sawyerville to Tuscaloosa and we just went other places so while she’s trying to upgrade, we’re just going to different places in Alabama and I was always in a new school.”

Vontay said he was introduced to music when he was younger by his uncles who had a rap group and called themselves Most Wanted 3, or MW3.

“I used to go in and sit in on some studio sessions with them,” Vontay said. “They had a studio in a house, it wasn’t like a real big studio. So I used to watch them make songs and I liked listening to their songs actually. They put me in part of the group so I made a song one time with them when I was around 9 or 10.”

Big Vontay went on to serve his country in the U.S. Army for two years, including a deployment to South Korea. While he was there he was also honing his rap skills. 

“I deployed and music helped me as I was going through a lot of things,” he said. “I found my way into it because when I came home, say we were listening to a song and the lyrics stopped and the beat kept going, so sometimes with my friends I started free styling at the end of the song real quick. People were telling me I should take it seriously, I’ve got a gift for this.”

Vontay said this first single, “Intro” is a freestyle rap that he completed on the first take, and he felt every word when he was jamming.

“Man, I was nervous, like I was very nervous. But it was a good experience and good excitement,” he said. “It was a good experience and it let me know this was something I wanted to take serious, I wanted to do this for years to come.”

Vontay said “Intro” will be part of an album and he has more music recorded almost ready for release. In the meantime, he’s hoping for positive feedback on this first single.

“I’m dropping the singles to give everyone a little taste of how I’m coming in hot and some background on what I’m thinking so once you get to have them you can already know where I’m coming from,” Vontay said. “They’ve got a lot more like ‘Intro’ coming at them, It’s real, it’s my story and you're going to be able to feel it. There’s a lot more and you’re going to be seeing a lot of me, a lot more singles, an album. I’m going to be in their face a lot this year.”

Search for Big Vontay on all streaming platforms after Jan. 27, and keep up with him on the following social media platforms:



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