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  • by Nadia Sobehart, Publicist |
  • June 05, 2023 |
  • 4 min read

Llace Sarabete Relates to Listeners through Sentimental R&B Ballad, “No Wife”

Lisa Watts—otherwise known as Llace Sarabete—is an American singer, songwriter, and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. Llace is a versatile artist, capable of performing across genres from R&B to pop, jazz, soft rock, and blues. Her latest single, “No Wife,” is an emotional, powerful R&B ballad that many can relate to.

“No Wife” is a song built around a story and a very real one at that. It tells the tale of a woman who dedicates her life to loving a man—a man who decides to marry another woman in the end. The narrator ends up heartbroken yet empowered, much like the song leaves its listeners—full of emotion and understanding.

“It’s based on a true experience—that’s what inspired it,” shares Llace Sarabete. “It’s heartfelt.” Llace’s ability to turn a personal story into a way to relate to listeners demonstrates her artistic power.

From the tender age of seven, Llace Sarabete has been singing and performing. What began as singing for the school choir quickly transformed to leading the band “The Dance Machine” to performing at Atlanta’s top venues like the Atlanta Civic Center. A lifetime of experience combined with the ability to connect with listeners is what makes Llace Sarabete an artist to pay attention to for years to come.

When she sits down to write music, Llace Sarabete tends to approach new songs with a reliable method. “I’ll start with the concept first—I’ll write the lyrics and melody first, then work with a producer to add music to it. ’No Wife’ we actually wrote and recorded months ago but didn’t share it again for a long time.”

Llace has been pleasantly surprised by the early and positive feedback for her single, which resonates with listeners from all over. “I’m already touring and doing interviews for the single,” exclaims Llace. “I didn’t expect it to catch on so quickly!”

“I really want people to give it a listen and to enjoy the song for whatever their reason,” adds Llace. “I appreciate everyone who does take a listen to it. The single is so important to me.”

Up next for the artist is a full album. “I’m excited about the songs on my upcoming album,” shares Llace. “It features different types of genres.” While we patiently await more music, we’ll be listening to “No Wife” on repeat.

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