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Lil Uzi Vert’s music has long been subject to leaks, but he’s taking extra steps to ensure his upcoming album The Pink Tape stays out of the prying hands of hackers.

Uzi took to Instagram Live on Thursday (June 8) where he played unreleased music for fans and provided a time frame for the highly-anticipated project’s release.

He also unveiled a unique chain featuring a flash drive in place of a pendant, which contains the sought-after files for his forthcoming third album.

The Pink Tape, I keep it on a chain,” he said while holding up the flash drive and white-beaded chain. “It’s going to Elliot [Eliantte] tomorrow so he can put pink diamonds all on it. I keep it on a chain. This the whole Pink Tape right here, it’s on a chain.

“I ain’t been wearing no jewelry because this is more expensive than every chain that I got. This right here, this little thing right here. I wear it every day.”


Rocking his vintage purple dreads, the Generation Now rapper then doubled down on his promise that The Pink Tape will arrive at the end of June.

“The album is coming at the end of this month,” he declared. “I can’t hold off no more. Like, you know me, I’m crazy. Even if I have to drop it myself, it’s coming out at the end of the month.”

An eagle-eyed fan also noted in the comments section that June 23 is National Pink Day, which would coincide nicely with Uzi’s new project.

A previous update came from DJ Drama in April who said the project was in its “final stages” during an appearance on the Justin Credible Podcast.

Uzi’s producer, Lyle, also notified fans on Instagram last month that they’re not rushing the project because they want to make sure it’s a “classic” and not a ‘bunch of random songs.”

Lyle additionally revealed that Uzi has been recording five songs per day “for the most part,” and that they’re getting “better and better” as each day goes on. This also has played a part in the lengthy wait for the album as “it’s hard to scale down 1500+ songs to an album.”

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