JAY-Z on Colin Kaepernicks NFL Protest: Its Not About the Flag, Its About Justice

Shenequa Golding | November 14, 2017

JAY-Z is touring the country in support of what critics have hailed as one of his most honest albums to date, 4:44. While in Miami, Mr. Carter took a moment to clarify for anyone in the audience what exactly Colin Kaepernick’s protest is about.

“I want you to understand when people are kneeling and putting their fist up what they’re doing, it’s not about a flag, it’s about justice, it’s about injustice,” JAY-Z said.

In September, JAY-Z performed “Bam” with Damian Marley on Saturday Night Livewearing a custom Kaepernick jersey, and while he didn’t make any vocal statements about the former 49er quarterback then, he used his tour stop to cement his loyalty and support to Kaep.

“That’s not a black or white thing, it’s a human issue. Everybody should feel the same way. If your 16-year-old child left the house and didn’t come back… everyone should be affected. That’s not a black or white issue. That’s a human issue. That’s a young person who lost their life senselessly.”

While JAY made sure to call out the injustices that plague the African-American community, he also made sure to parcel out responsibility to black people as well.

“Black people, we have to get our shit together,” JAY said. “We’ve got to start working with each other. We can’t be hired help. We’re not second-class citizens to anybody.”

Well said, Mr. Carter.

This article originally appeared for VIBE.

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