Social X

PEACE OF MIND. Dominate Spotify playlists without the bots.

Try our 3 or 6-Weeks Social X campaigns. 100% real organic growth through our influencer partnerships, targeted advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and good OLD-FASHION EXCEPTIONAL MUSIC. Real Humans if you want to talk.

Starlight PR's "Social X" campaign


3 Weeks Social X Campaign

$ 1,199

Social X is Starlight PR's fundamental solution to the pressing need by Up-and-coming artist for "Organic Growth" across the social and streaming marketplace.

6 Weeks Social X Campaign

$ 2,299

It is a well known fact that the longer you stay with anything the more familiar you get with it. Streaming and social engagement is no different. With prolonged exposure to a certain segment market the more familiar they get, the more fans you get and the more streams you get.


Social X major labels Campaign

$ 44,999

Please contact us to schedule a consultation for availability this 6 months campaign.