Social X is Starlight PR’s fundamental solution to the pressing need by Up-and-coming artist for “Organic Growth” across the social and streaming marketplace.

Leveraging calculated influencer partnerships with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), our Concierge Social X team gets you and your music into the eyes and ears of the millions of potential fans in both the social and streaming landscape. This automatically creates a ripple effect of organic growth with guaranteed accuracy. The longer this strategy progress the greater the growth.

3 Weeks Social X Campaign

The 3-Weeks Social X Campaign provides clients with organic streaming and social growth with a specific focus on Instagram and Spotify.

Our Social X team utilizes key strategic tactics that go beyond just marketing and promotion. Tactics unknown to most up-and-coming artists like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which emphasizes basic elements of keywords and phrases which are more likely to get you at the top of google search rankings. Strategic Influencer partnerships are tactically used to get you on playlists and drive social engagement and growths across Instagram.

No significant experience or fanbase is needed for this campaign. Just give us the materials we need to work with and we’ll do the rest. Whether you are just starting out or at the top of your game, you can quickly increase your presence, value, streams and fanbase with Social X.

  • Spotify promotion
  • Playlist Placement
  • Organic Instagram growth

Make our team yours, today. Try "Social X".

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Acceptance policy: Please note that after a campaign is booked our curated A&R team have to come in and review the music. If it's something we want to
work with the project is green lit and we continue. If it's not something we want our name on there
is a full refund usually within an hour sometimes less. Thank you for your understanding.