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We use our sales funnel strategy: Awareness-Engagement-Conversion.

  • First potential fan “Emily” sees Artist B on Twitter (We have Awareness.)
  • Using our retargeting analytics a few days later, Emily sees Artist B again on Facebook, only this time Emily clicks on Artist B's link, photo or profile, depending on what is being promoted. (We now have an Engagement.)
  • Through our constant and consistent strategic social media marketing, Emily again sees Artist B on Twitter. Emily now takes an important step in our sales funnel -- she follows Artist B on Twitter. Artist B now has a real organic fan who will stream his music when he puts it out, buy a single or a ticket for his concert, and most importantly, will become an advocate of his music. This is how we build an organic fanbase. (We have Conversion.)

We use our sales funnel strategy: Awareness-Engagement-Conversion.

The Starter Package is basically about getting awareness out about you as an artist with the effective press release we will craft. A press release is an article written by a professional publicist about the project that's being promoted.

The Starter Package is not a PR and Marketing campaign which is designed for promotion. Hence, after successfully completing this package, the next step should be a "PR Campaign" to actually market and promote you as well as your music.

For more details, please go to this link:

It is a strategic campaign designed to get your music into the eyes and ears of the millions of fans in our network. It includes an exclusive feature in The Source Magazine, interview and feature in Hip Hop Weekly as well as Urban Buzz Factor and Soul2SoulMusic Vibe. The campaign also includes live radio interviews along with strategic social media marketing.

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Month one of any major campaign is awareness, not sales or likes. People have to be aware of who you are before there can be any conversion.

From the work we'll put in, hundreds of thousands of people will be "aware" of who you are because they now see your name floating around. Continued marketing is needed to turn this awareness into "conversion" where a fan either "follows, listens or buys" your music.

Our PR Campaigns will provide blog placements and features which should continue the awareness about you as an artist and should solidify you as a serious contender, not just another wanna-be. Expect major attention and widespread streaming.

With live radio interviews, you have a platform of hundreds of thousands of people listening. This will be your opportunity to win the hearts of new fans.

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Honestly, we can’t guarantee that you will be selling a million records but we can guarantee that you will be getting into the eyes and ears of the millions of fans in our network. If the music is good, it will speak for itself. It always does.

Clients who need higher blog placement usually go with our 4 Weeks Premium Next Level campaign. It includes an exclusive interview and feature in The Source Magazine as well as an exclusive in Hip Hop Weekly.

The Upcoming 100 chart is the #1 chart for new artist discovery. We have partnered with them to feature our clients’ Press Release Articles on the news and review section of their premium website.

Upcoming 100 gives a weekly roundup of the most popular up and coming songs and artists across all genres. Moving up the charts is ranked by streaming activity data provided by Nielsen Music and Online activities across all social media platforms provided by Onalytica.

hey also have the Emerging 200 chart for top up and coming artists. You can check them out at

The Upcoming 100 chart features the top 100 artists and songs across all genres as provided by Neilsen sound-scan.

The Emerging 200 chart features emerging up-and-coming artists, calculated by radio plays, streaming data and activities across all social media platforms. We're one of the many partners of Upcoming 100 for this chart.

Getting you on the chart is a completely different service that we offer in all our campaigns. We have to submit your single, have meetings with the chart directors and abide by the chart rules and regulations.

You will get marketing and promotion as people will get to rate your song on the chart. Chart rankings are based on streaming data, social media activity and votes.

People come to the chart to see the next big thing in music. Upcoming 100 also gets upward of 1.6 million hits a day from fans checking out their favorite artists.

Expect traffic for the site is #1 for new artist discovery, next to Billboard.

Getting on the chart especially in the top 10 gives you the advantage of having been seen and discovered by people who wouldn't otherwise discover you, not to mention the clout that goes with it.

One way to help you push your song up is by finding your single in the chart and using the Twitter button to share with your fans. Your fans can go directly to the song, listen and rate it.Mp3 Go

Our partners, which are some of the most influential companies in the industry, will send one sponsored tweet each to promote your press release to the hundreds of thousands of fans in the network eztekno.

However, we have no control over what people say on Twitter. They blast what they want. What we guarantee is an effective Press Release and feature from our partners.

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