Service User Agreement

Welcome to Starlight PR!

This service user agreement is a contract between the artist and/or his/her manager or official representative (hereinafter referred to as “you") and Starlight PR, a subsidiary of JCM Holdings (hereinafter referred to as “us” or “we”). This agreement governs the use of all Starlight PR services.

For any individual to purchase one or more of Starlight PR services, he/she must be at least 18 years old, or the age of majority in his/her state of residence.

By purchasing any of Starlight PR services otherwise known as "PR Campaigns", you agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions in this user agreement. Hence, please read all provisions in this agreement carefully before purchase.

PR Campaigns

Starlight PR offers several campaigns to artists at various levels in their careers. Some are signed to major labels; some have independent labels of their own, while others are just independent artists doing it on their own.

Starlight PR Campaigns are strategically designed to take artists like you from just making music to having a music career. You can start, grow and reach us as we will be there every step of the way.

For all PR campaigns purchased, you will be assigned a full team that includes the following:

  • Project Manager
  • Designated Publicist
  • Journalist/Editors
  • PR Coordinator
  • Radio Coordinator (For services that include radio campaign)
  • Social Media Marketing Manager

Press Release and Interviews

When you purchase a PR Campaign, you will immediately be assigned a Project Manager who will reach out to you via phone or email within 24 hours. The Project Manager will request the following from you to get the campaign started:

  • Availability For A Phone Interview With Our Publicist
  • Biography
  • Promotional Photos
  • Social Media Links And Other Promotional Materials

If an interview is scheduled for a specific date and time and for whatever reason you cannot make it, you need to notify us before the schedule at the soonest time possible, and you will be granted one reschedule.

Once the interview is completed, our journalist and editor will craft your press release and you will be sent a rough draft for review. It’s your full responsibility to check the press release in its entirety and ensure that all information included are correct and are what you intend to make public.

At this stage in the campaign, you may request as many changes as possible until the press release is perfected. However, once you have approved the press release and it is sent out to the blogs for placements, no other changes can be made anymore.

Blog Features and Placements

Each PR Campaign provides blog features of the artist’s music, photo and exclusive Press Release. Some blogs are more high-end, premium platforms depending on the campaign purchased.

The term “blog feature” refers to "placements". Your music, promotional photo and the exclusive press release you have approved will be placed on the Blog websites included in the campaign. Whether it's The Source Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly or, you will be provided with all the links for your personal use or archives. The PR Coordinator assigned to your team will communicate with you about these details.

Radio Interviews

If the PR Campaign you purchased includes a radio campaign, you will be assigned a Radio Coordinator. This member of your team will coordinate with program directors and will provide you with the interview schedules upon confirmation. If you missed an interview, you will be granted one reschedule.

All radio interviews are via phone patch and you will be provided with each station’s contact number to call at an appointed time.

Stations vary for different campaigns. The major label campaigns with large budgets include clear channel FM radio stations.

For the 2 Weeks Awareness Campaign and the 4 Weeks Premium Next Level Campaign, we harness the power of radio to reach the masses. The purpose is not just to premiere your single, but for you to do live interviews.

All the digital and online radio stations we partner with are BDS-certified and pay royalties - stations that have been known to promote up and coming artists such as: Playlist Radio, Global Grind Radio, ENC96, Twin Syndicate and many more.

For our Starter Package, not only do we offer a refund policy. Instead, we guarantee twice your money back if you think that we have not produced the most comprehensive Press Release Article ever written about you. You have until the "Review and Approval of the Press Release” stage in the campaign to discontinue the service and request for a refund.

However, once the Press Release is approved by you, request for a refund will not be entertained anymore as all monies were already distributed to our partners for the blog features and placements at this point.

Artists who have purchased the 4 Weeks Premium Next Level Campaign and 2 Weeks Awareness Campaign have seven (7) days or one (1) week from the date of purchase to request for a refund. After the first week of the campaign, the process of outsourcing and paying our partners for the successful completion of the campaign have been started and no request for a refund will be acknowledged.

Once a valid refund is requested, it will take14-21 business days for the refund case to be opened, processed and cleared back into your/ the sender’s account.

Social Media Marketing

Starlight PR partners with 15 of the music industry's most influential companies on social media. These companies use their influence to get the word out about an artist’s music and brand in a strategic and effective way.

On Twitter, we have over 300,000 active followers and combined with our partners, we're reaching millions more. We use our sales funnel strategy: Awareness Engagement Conversion.

  • First potential fan “Emily” sees Artist B on Twitter (We have Awareness.)
  • Using our retargeting analytics a few days later, Emily sees Artist B again on Facebook, only this time Emily clicks on Artist B's link, photo or profile, depending on what is being promoted. (We now have an Engagement.)
  • Through our constant and consistent strategic social media marketing, Emily again sees Artist B on Twitter. Emily now takes an important step in our sales funnel -- she follows Artist B on Twitter. Artist B now has a real organic fan who will stream his music when he puts it out, buy a single or a ticket for his concert, and most importantly, will become an advocate of his music. This is how we build an organic fanbase. (We have Conversion.)

Set off rights

No waiver

If for any reason you requested a refund from PayPal and the outcome was not in your favor, the involvement of any third party to interfere, i.e your bank or credit card processor, is a direct violation and breach of this user agreement and will be considered void. You agree that any funds withheld or deducted by your bank or credit card processor will be immediately released upon review of this agreement.

Refusal of Service

If at any stage of any PR Campaign Starlight PR recognizes unprofessional behavior from the artist or lack of respect for time, radio interviews or anything that might hurt or damage relationships with the company or its partners, Starlight PR reserves the right to provide you with a full reimbursement of funds paid and terminate the campaign without warning or prior notice. This includes fees and expenses incurred in connection with the enforcement of this user agreement.