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Powerful Connections To Help You Succeed

Before you purchase, please note that the A&Rs at Atlantic and Def Jam Records are only accepting Hip Hop and Pop artists at this time. For the Alternative and Rock genres, please see the A&Rs at Universal and Warner Bros. For Country
artists, please see our Nashville listing.

Common Questions

How does Starlight choose A&Rs for its directory?

Starlight spent thousands of dollars travelling and utilized countless hours in meetings to connect and build strong relationships with the A&Rs in its Directory. These are very influential A&Rs -- men and women who are directly responsible for the success of some of the top 100 Hip Hop, Pop and Country artists today.

How will the labels know I'm a Starlight client?

The A&Rs in our listing are found in no other directory. The moment you say "I purchased Starlight's A&R directory and I’m calling in regards to ..." -- you're good to go.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal.

If I do cover music, can I still purchase the directory?

Unfortunately, no... We have specific instructions from the labels that you must write your own materials. No covers.

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