Anouschka offers a fresh twist on hope with her new single ‘Shine’

StarlightPR1 Staff | October 08, 2020

Hope is in short supply these days. But the new single “Shine” by Anouschka comforts and inspires. The song evolved from her many years in Kenya.
“‘Shine’ is the song that Kenya and the universe gave me,” Anouschka says. “It’s about the resilience of the human soul. ‘Shine’ showcases a fusion style I pioneered back in 2013. My intent was to make the rest of the world aware of Kenya’s rich music scene and to build cultural bridges. I first recorded with a local producer in a small ghetto outside Nairobi, while goats and village drunks walked by. We mixed Western songwriting and my Kiswahili and English lyrics with local beats.” 

Anouschka is half Swedish and half American. She grew up travelling the globe – living in Thailand, Sweden, the United States, Germany, and England. Her musicality mirrors her international life. Anouschka’s repertoire blends Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Reggae, and Urban influences with well-crafted lyrical content.

The new version of “Shine” was recorded at House of Dillie in Nairobi. “This version is made for an international audience because it has a very timely message,” Anouschka says. Her African songs are intentionally spiritual. 

“In Kenya, you see how fleeting and precious life is,” she says.  “These are dark times. Our cultural, creative and socio-political margins are dangerously narrow. Racism, sexism, cruelty to animals and misuse of our earth abounds. But my travels have taught me that we are more alike than different. Our humanity is defined by how evolved our spirit is. The stronger we shine our light, the more we diminish fear and ignorance.”

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Photo by Jakub Tryniszewski 

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