James Storch Shows off Smooth R&B Vocals on New Single ‘What’s On Ya Mind?’

StarlightPR1 Staff | April 16, 2021

FLUSHING, NY – Too often relationships fall apart because of a lack of communication. If only couples would speak up and share what’s actually in their heads instead of expecting their partners to just figure it out. That’s the sentiment behind the hot new R&B track from East Coast artist James Storch. 

Released on April 2, “What’s On Ya Mind?” is a breakup anthem that perfectly showcases Storch’s soaring vocals over top of a bouncy kind of swaying vibe that fits perfectly into today’s R&B lane. With a mid-tempo vibe, the song blasts off from the first opening chords, setting the stage perfectly for Storch’s breathtaking vocals. By the time the 808s come in listeners are already hooked on his voice and will be eager to join him for the rest of the ride.

“It’s a song that stresses the importance of communication in a relationship,” Storch said. “You have to be a good listener. Too many people go straight to the argument and start acting all mad and expressing themselves, and it crumbles from there. I was in a relationship for 11 years and the last year wasn’t going well because we were just arguing all the time. I was stressed out and depressed, and that’s how this song came about. I heard this beat and I just wrote to it. What came out is a pretty upbeat Pop and R&B track that has a lot of energy to it, and there’s a lot of me belting in there.”

Since its release across all streaming platforms, the song has gotten rave reviews from fans. Many people point to the catchy harmonies and the relatable lyrics. In fact, Storch said he’s heard from people all over the world responding to the message of the song, saying thanks for helping them through a difficult breakup and offering condolences for his own heartbreak.

Raised in Flushing, New York, Storch discovered a lot for music at the age of 5 when he saw his father singing along to “Traces” by the Classics IV. Although he didn’t comprehend the meaning of the lyrics at such a young age, he was deeply moved by the emotion of the music. During his years in school he pursued his interest in music, and by junior high he was singing in the school choir. From that point on Storch realized singing and songwriting was his true passion. Since then, he’s created multiple songs, including “Endless Chase,” “Hear My Cry,” “World Go Round,” “We Can Be,” and now “What’s On Ya Mind?” And across all of his successful singles he said fans can recognize some of his biggest influences – from Bruno Mars to Sia to Maroon 5 and Usher.

“At the end of the day I just want people to feel when they hear my music,” Storch said. “I want people all over the world to connect with me through my music. We all have different diverse backgrounds, but we all feel the same feelings – happy, sad, frustrated, angry … That’s what makes music universal. I want to be that voice who says, ‘I’ve been through it too and I’m still standing and still strong.’ If my music can connect with people on a deeper level than just something you bop your head to, then I’ve done my job.”

Storch said a music video for “What’s On Ya Mind?” is available on his YouTube channel, and that more music will be forthcoming soon. 

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