Yung D’s Latest Album Is All About Authenticity


Versatile rapper/singer Yung D is set to release his latest project on May 12, 2022. The album, “Aggravated Pain,” which features the single “Gang in the sky” is a lyrical storybook of the artist’s life and experiences. 

The beauty of Yung D’s music is that it is fully his own. He doesn’t mimic other artists and does what is true to him. “I write my songs in third person,” says Yung D of his songwriting. “My music is authentic. I don’t aim to sound like other people.” 

“All of my music is true to myself, but I won’t say anything I don’t do or aim to be, what I am now or want to be in the future. My music comes from credible and solid roots and always will.”

Yung D is proud of how far he has come in his military career, which has propelled his music career as well. The artist went from a simple set up to a home studio, fueled by persistence and a steady income. “Being a beginner is about being patient,” says Yung D about getting started on mere staples and knowing he’d eventually build a solid foundation. “I’m stubborn, too—if I see something not working, I stop, reconfigure, and make it work.”

When it comes to writing his songs, the artist will listen to a beat four or five times before putting lyrics to the music. “I tried to do it by writing first but it doesn’t coincide. Finding the perfect beat sometimes takes hours, sometimes minutes. If I can vibe with it, it falls into place after that. Once I hit that note, it’s over with.” 

As he hones his craft, Yung D is constantly keeping an eye on the bigger picture. He hopes to someday support his mother, who gave him so much over the course of his life. “If I don’t make a song about my momma, I put a little tidbit in it for her,” says Yung D of incorporating his family ties into his music.

Yung D isn’t just a rapper—he sings, too, which is what makes his music so versatile. “Gang in the sky,” his upcoming single, is influenced by inner circles and  the pain the artist has felt from losing people he’s close to and people changing on him. “But actions speak louder than words. If you’re not reciprocating the energy, you’re just with me because you see my trajectory,” explains Yung D.

While his latest album is about to be released, the artist is working on his next project. Around early February next year, Yung D hopes to release “Mama’s Boy,” a revelatory album about the artist’s youth and growing up. It’ll be a “mixed emotions” album full of hype moments, sad moments, and love songs. 

Following next month’s release, Yung D is excited to get on stage and keep the ball rolling. From Baltimore to North Carolina, the artist has blown up stages along the east coast and is looking forward to interacting more with fans.

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Aggravated Pain dropping on May 12th. 

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