Solo B Motto Drops Hip Hop Album, “Pressure” And Listeners Are Sure To Relate

Rising independent artist, Solo B Motto, blends new and old school rap and hip hop to drop his latest album, “Pressure.” With witty lyricism and ear-catching beats, the artist brings listeners a fresh sound that tells relatable stories.

Brooklyn, New York-born and bred, Solo B Motto writes music that can best be described as “laid back soul trap.” “What you see is what you get. My music is really me,” explains Solo B Motto. “I stay true to myself and want people to stay true to themselves.”

Solo B Motto’s fresh album, “Pressure” reflects on the mounting stressors of his everyday life that catapulted into a complete record. “One day I was under a lot of pressure—relationships, friends, coming out of situations—I had a lot of pressure on my hands,” says the artist of what sparked his latest creation. 

The album is comprised of 9 tracks around the concept of pressure. “Drowning,” one single on the album, will drop soon. “Through the Storm” speaks to the feeling of always being in a stage of hitting a storm, going through a storm, or getting out of one. “It’s just me conquering my storms,” shares Solo B Motto. All of the tracks reflect on relationships, whether friendships, family, or loving relationships.

From New York to New Jersey, the artist is constantly on the move and sharing his vision through song. When it comes to writing music, Solo B Motto just heads to the studio. “I don’t write—I throw the track in the booth,” he says of his creation process. “I just go to the studio and find a track and express how I’m feeling at the time.”

In addition to creating his own music, Solo B Motto has a music studio that aims at helping artists spread their own powerful messages through music. He is known in his sphere for collaborating with like-minded artists and empowering others to succeed.

At the end of the day, Solo B Motto wants fans to feel seen. “I talk about the same experiences that everyone goes through. I write music they can relate to. Everybody’s going through relationship problems, friends problems, family problems, career choices and lasting decisions. I want them to sit back and relate and feel the music.”

Make sure to stay connected to Solo B Motto on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

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