TDashMo Reminds Us To Keep Going With Hit Single “Determine To Win”

Texas-based TDashMo—or Tyrone Montgomery—is a diverse musical artist with a drive to succeed—and a freshly released single called “Determine to Win.” Passionate about music from childhood and family influence, TDashMo is making a name for himself in the music industry with positivity and determination.

“I wrote it a while ago to be an inspiration, and it ended up being an inspiration,” shares TDashMo of his latest single. Tragically, this very single was a favorite of his late cousin who passed away just prior to the song’s release. “I want everyone to keep going. Stay determined to win on whatever topic you’re trying to achieve,” TDashMo reminds us. Life is fragile, and TDashMo recognizes the importance of going all in for the things we love.

The artist consistently weaves his personal beliefs and philosophy into music. “I would describe this song as a sign to get up. It’s time to move. You can sit there and construct stuff until your fingers break but until you make that first move, it doesn’t matter how good your blueprint or plan or formula is.” 

“Determine to Win” began with an inspirational guitar riff woven into a beat that immediately caught TDashMo’s attention. “It got me going, my blood rushing. I needed to pick myself up—this was it.” The song fell perfectly into TDashMo’s production style—“If I don’t finish the song right then and there, that song will never be released. When I feel it and it’s a good song to me and I’m expressing myself, I’m going to finish that song in one sitting.”

At the end of the day, TDashMo believes in staying true to himself and to his journey. “I’ve seen a lot of different things in this industry—especially in the underground scene—and just being able to see those things and look inside and see my own shortcomings—that’s what make me, me. I get through learning experiences and grow with myself while remaining positive.”

“Determine to Win” paves the way for an upcoming EP, which TDashMo is excited to share with listeners in the near future. Don’t miss it!

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YouTube: Determined to Win 
Apple Music: Determined to Win - Single by TDashMo

Instagram: TDashMo (@tdashmo) • Instagram photos and videos

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