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Wack’O Uses Hip Hop As A Platform For Change In His Latest Single, “Life Is A Gamble”

Jackson, Tennessee-based hip-hop artist, Wack’O, is changing mindsets with his latest single, “Life Is a Gamble.” "It's a gamble if you do right or wrong," explains Wack'O of the song’s inspiration. "But you can grow up and be different."

"Life Is a Gamble" is a song made to encompass the changes in Wack'O's life. "I went through trials and tribulations to get where I am at. This song is about changing your mindset to overcome all of that stuff."

In the same vein as the change to which it speaks, "Life Is a Gamble" is a song that has undergone changes to become what it is today. "It was really an old song I wrote back when I was going through some things--a lot of stuff. I was in the process of changing my life around." WackO took this concept, created a beat, and made studio magic happen.

For Wack'O, creating music is all about the connection. "Music is a way to the soul. It changes moods, feelings... music can help you meditate," shares the artist of his passion. "Even God had angels that played instruments. Music is a symbol across many cultures."

"When I get ready to do my music, I have my concept down--I just need to find my beat. Sometimes the concept changes when I get my beat." The metamorphosis of the single reinforces the message of change. 
"I wrote it two years ago but I reinvented it with an up-to-date beat. I revised it," shares the artist. 

Overall, Wack'O's music is "unique in any and every way." From covering different outlooks to creating music across a variety of genres, the artist is multifaceted and openminded. "I write about true music, events, and things that aren't farfetched or fictional. Just unique. My music is a testimony of the things I've learned and been through."

In the next year, Wack'O is looking forward to bringing fans more music and creating opportunities for youth in his community through the doors that music opens. 

"I'm betting on myself," says Wack'O. "I'm aiming past the stars yet I'm still grounded. Anything that comes out of it I feel God is gonna do it. My music is backed through the inspiration of the lord. He gives me the gift of music." 

Make sure to stay connected to Wack’O on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

YouTube Single: "Life Is a Gamble" by: Wack'O


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