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Richie Evans Is Going To Make It Big With New EP

PHOENIX, AZ - Richie Evans is an avid student of music and incredible musician with a story to tell. With recent tracks like “Pressure” (feat. Jay Rock and EastSide K-Boy) and the 2021 track “For You” already catching the attention of so many, Evans is excited to share his new EP, Highly Favored. The new project is set to release on January 20, 2023.

Highly Favored features 6 tracks, all contributed to by a wide selection of notable and talented artists. Each of the tracks provides you with a new perspective into the incredible skill set that Evans possesses as well as a peek into his own history and life.

One of the highlight tracks to keep an eye out for is “Can’t Knock The Hustle”, a honest and bold song featuring Rick Ross. The song focuses on a kid from an unknown city putting his all into making it into the big leagues. “I’m not really from an area where artists are known to come from,” he explains. “I’ve got to work twice as hard to get noticed and I am putting in that work.” 

“I’m excited to share where I came from,” Evans said. He hopes that the passion and effort he puts into his music comes through to his audience and inspires them to fall in love with the music in the same way he has. 

Another song you’ll want to check out is the already released single, “Pressure”. A collaboration with Jay Rock and EastSide K-Boy, the song is stacked with highly skilled and passionate musicians. Along with its amazing sound, it also showcases the underground presence of the Hip Hop scene. 

Overall, the entirety of the Highly Favored EP is an amazing representation of Evans’ own skill and passion. The project as a whole is a testament to the goal of taking opportunities as they come and running with them. “I think this project speaks for itself,” he said. “You can’t take those opportunities for granted. I know God Blessed me and I am going to run with that.”

Diving further into 2023, Evans looks forward to the release of his highly anticipated debut album and tour later this year. “I really want to create more things that people are able to be a part of,” he explained. Bringing live performances to his local community and greater fanbase is an important and exciting goal that all his fans can look forward to this year.

Be sure to stay tuned in to Richie Evans on various platforms for new music, visuals and social posts. 


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