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Alternative Rock Band Hands Of Spite Releases ‘What Do You Say’ As Teaser For Upcoming Album

Boston-based alternative rock band, Hands of Spite, entices listeners with a single off their upcoming record. Building momentum as they release their newest EP, “Inchoate,” on January 24, 2023, the band is excited to share their single, “What Do You Say,” with fans all over the world.

“It’s a taste of what they’re going to get,” exclaims Hands of Spite. “This single is a cool song because it’s one that started with a guitar riff and then the rest of the band really helped developed it into a full-fledged thing. The sound blends different styles, not focusing on any one genre.”

Hands of Spite creates music that is best described as introspective, strong, and riddled with a sense of humor. “There’s a playfulness to our music,” shares the band. This lightheartedness comes in contrast to the heavier elements of their music, which addresses concepts such as isolation and loneliness.

Conceptually, “What Do You Say” uses lines as a call and answer, adding contrast throughout the song. “What are we shooting for? Where are we moving? What’s happening with us” it asks, inviting the listener to wonder the same. “The energy we’re trying to get across is a little aggressive. Hopeful. Forward moving. We want listeners to be excited to listen to the rest of our album,” shares Hands of Spite. 

Band members Austin Bullock (guitar/vocals), Sam Gelston (guitar/vocals), Zac Stein (drums/vocals), and Nate Belton (bass) blend their individual influences and styles to create the strong sound of Hands of Spite. “It’s important that we play what makes us feel good. In our case, it’s a mish mosh of genres from mid-90s punk to emo hard rock. Who we are is what we’ve been through as listeners and artists. Within a year of playing, we found our sound through our shared genres.”

Austin contributes his background of classic rock and lofi/garage rock; Sam brings punk and grunge to the table; Zac makes noise with his robust knowledge of rhythm; and Nate sets the tone with bass notes from his hard rock and metal influences (that Zac also shares). All together, the group is a force of sound to be reckoned with.

Listeners who enjoy Nirvana, Alice In Chains, and The Meat Puppets would be wise to take a listen to the newest EP by Hands of Spite. “Our EP is driving—it speaks a lot to isolation and understanding. It was developed during a time we had to be introspective (COVID).” One track off the EP, “Teal,” describes what it means to be stuck alone and how people cope through it. “Talk About It” opens the conversation to our needs and feelings. “‘Lips’ is a demented love song,” jokes the band. “What Do You Say” addresses questioning and understanding yourself. Lastly, “Still Wonder Why” is a reflection piece—what have you done and where are you going? 

“A cool part of the EP is the songwriting process. We really came together as a band,” explains Hands of Spite. “Our EP recordings are good, but when we play together it’s a different energy—faster, harder playing.” 

The band is eager to perform more live shows both locally and on tour this year. “If people walk away with one thought, it’s that this is only the beginning. We believe in what we’re creating and we have love and respect for everyone in the group. People can feel what we feel when we’re playing.”

Make sure to stay connected to Hands of Spite on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

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