Its Time: Artist, Rapper Tina Rose Ready To Grab The Spotlight With New Releases

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. — Milwaukee artist, rapper and songwriter Tina Rose is moving from the dentist’s office to the studio and preparing to take entertaining to a new level with her new releases “No Breaks” and “Gimmie Da Bag.”

An entertainer since she was a child, started recording and releasing music in 2018 with her first single called “Run It Up,” but now she’s committed and she’s ready to break into the music scene.

“The inspiration for ‘No Breaks’ so I started doing music in 2018 and then you know how life happens, you get distracted and thrown off course,” Rose said. “So the inspiration behind the song was this time I’m not taking any breaks from music. We’re going full steam ahead.”

Rose graduated from high school, then college with a degree as a dental assistant, a very practical career, but she said her heart was not in a dentist’s office. 

“That is something that I did in the meantime,” Rose said. “I’ve always entertained, ever since I was a little girl I used to dance in the living room, I used to put on shows for my family, all sorts of things.”

Rose said “No Breaks” was originally released about six months ago, but the video was released two months ago.

The sexy video features Rose in a variety of scenes, including a parking garage, an office and others, making it clear that she's breaking onto the scene. 

“Gimmie Da Bag” was just released on Spotify on Jan. 16, 2023 and emphasizes what she’s after with her musical career. Rose called this single “catchy.”

“I needed to do something that was a little bit more catchy because the difference between ‘Gimmie Da Bag’ and ‘No Breaks’ was ‘No Breaks’ was a freestyle where it didn’t have a chorus or anything, but ‘Gimmie Da Bag’ has a chorus,” Rose said. “If you say it over and over again, ‘Gimmie Da Bag, gimmie da stack, gimmie da racks, hand me the packs,’ that’s going to get in people’s heads.”

So which does she like best, freestyling or writing a song with a chorus?

“Either or, I guess it depends on my mood,” Rose said. “I was certainly having fun freestyling. I like to entertain, I like music.”

Rose said her next project is a video for “Gimmie Da Bag,” set for release in mid-February. After that the music will keep rolling out as she pushes to build her audience and show people who she is. 

“I want people to see me for who I am,” Rose said. “This is what I like to do. I have a slogan, when people ask me who I am I say ‘I’m Tina Rose, BITCH! That’s me.”

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