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Prince Marc Jakob Makes Music Fun Again with His Latest Single ‘Seven Days’

Recording artist Marc Jakob Lewis—otherwise known as Prince Marc Jakob—is the 12-year-old phenomenon motivating listeners to dance all over the nation. With millions of streams and a handful of upbeat singles, the young artist continues to inspire music lovers everywhere with his infectious energy.

Prince Marc Jakob is on a mission to bring fun back to music. His latest single, “Seven Days,” is a fun, family-friendly song loved by audiences across the U.S. Through his youthful, reflective songwriting, Prince Marc Jakob wants to remind listeners that hip hop doesn’t have to be full of violence and drugs to be exciting. In fact, the young rapper’s clean lyrics are a breath of fresh air in an industry laced with negative imagery. As a musician and role model, Prince Marc Jakob’s role is to uplift the world around him.

He may be only 12 years old but P.M.J. is already catching the attention of major media outlets from The Wall Street Journal to CBS 46 “Atlanta First News” and many more. The young rapper has been invited to perform across the nation, spreading positivity through schools and private events.

“He’s great all around, to be honest,” P.M.J.’s mother chimes in. After all, there’s no shame in seeing your children shine brightly. Prince Marc Jakob is not only an accomplished musician—he’s also a straight-A student and lover of sports, dancing, acting, and playing video games. From Fortnite to the main stage, P.M.J. enjoys infusing his signature dance moves into his performances. It is through this wide range of interests that the young musician finds inspiration for his music.

From as long as he can remember, Prince Marc Jakob has been drawn to making music and entertaining friends and family. He even tried to join the church choir as young as three years old! Born in Ypsilanti, Michigan, the young star relocated to Atlanta with his family around age five. In their new home of Forsyth, the family found resistance to P.M.J.’s growth, but that didn’t stop the budding star from making a name for himself.

Prince Marc Jakob wrote “Seven Days” in reference to his vast collection of Jordan shoes. “His closet is stacked,” shares P.M.J.’s mom. “His Jordan collection is out of this world.” The single alludes to his having enough pairs to pick a fresh look every day of the week—and then some. He also throws in a few references from his family’s hometown of Detroit.

Prince Marc Jakob’s writing process is simple and streamlined. After finding a beat he vibes with, he sits down and writes, finding the words to seamlessly fit the sound. When it comes time to finalize the song, P.M.J.’s mother will do a quick check—no swear words or inappropriate references allowed beyond this point (as if P.M.J. would write them anyway!).

While he’s not at school or working on new music, Prince Marc Jakob is a busy young man. This past weekend, he performed not once but FOUR times at local charity events. Along with his energy and upbeat vibes, P.M.J. performs with one red and one blue shoe, reminding everyone that it’s good to be different.

Up next for the young artist is the release of two more singles and as many live performances as he can squeeze into his busy schedule. After all, he’s only a kid—one to keep listening to as he continues to shape the music industry, one catchy beat at a time.

Make sure to stay connected to Prince Marc Jakob on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.


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