Katy Perry Becomes First to Hit 100 Million Twitter Followers

Tatiana Cirisano | June 17, 2017

Just days after dropping her fifth studio album WitnessKaty Perry hit a new milestone: the first person ever to reach 100 million followers on Twitter.

The social media company announced the occasion via a congratulatory video tweet -- and a pun on the singer's new album to boot.


Today, we  history.

Congratulations @katyperry, the first to reach 100 million followers! 

Katy debuted her first-ever tweet in February 2009, and has since logged more than 8,000 tweets. Since, we've watched a number of the pop star's major career moments take over the Twittersphere, from the birth of the viral #LeftShark meme from her 2015 Super Bowl performance to the hype (not to mention drama) surrounding her newest release, Witness.

The singer's new Twitter count puts her ahead of Justin Bieber, who comes in second place with 96.7 million followers, Barack Obama (90.8 million), Perry's rumored nemesis Taylor Swift (85.1 million) and Rihanna (74.1 million).

The singer is no stranger to landmarks like this -- in fact, she broke her own record for single-day YouTube virality in May, when the music video for her single "Bon Appetit" hit 16.8 million views in just 24 hours (her 2013 video for "Roar" previously held the record).

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