Why Press Releases are Important for Musicians

Nadia Sobehart

What is a music press release and why is it important for you, the musician?

A press release is a short, eye-catching news story, based on facts, that is written by a public relations professional and distributed to targeted media outlets. They are also considered a primary source for journalists looking for a story.

As a musician, you might want to publish a press release to share information about new songs and albums, live performances, and awards received. 

How else can a press release help your musical career? Read on!

Create Instant Exposure for Your Music and Brand

As previously described, a press release is a news story that is shared worldwide. Distribution lists can be limited to a particular industry or released on a global scale. By publishing a press release, you’re letting the world know about your latest single. Not only does the news reach a wider audience, but you (and your publicity team) are in control of the content, giving you the ability to share the facts that you want the world to know.

Boost Your SEO

By working with an established music public relations company, you can make sure your press release is properly optimized for search engines. This helps your press release and news be found across the web. By providing backlinks through your press release, you can also boost traffic to your website/social links. 

Reach Your Preferred Audience

One fun fact about press releases is that they can be set to location and industry targets. Trying to reach a particular market or location? No problem. Perhaps you’ve written a song about one specific city and want everyone to make it their anthem? Send that press release to the city’s major news outlets! The sky's the limit with targeting tools.

Engage with News Outlets and Industry Publications

Press releases are often seen as a primary source for journalists looking for their next story. Why not make it you and your latest music? 

Your press release can also be used to inform industry blogs and other music news sites. By creating this trustworthy news source, you’ll increase your chance of being picked up by credible publications.

Set Yourself Apart From Hobby Musicians

Everyone starts making music as a passion project, but it’s the serious musicians that elevate their career to the next level. Investing in a press release will demonstrate to music professionals that you aren’t another garage band—you’re a serious, driven musical group ready to succeed in the music industry.

Producing your own content on social media is great for connecting with listeners, but it’s your press release that will help launch your career in the eyes of music professionals.

Take the Next Step with a Music PR Company 

Are you ready to take your music career to the next level with a press release? Be sure to speak with a music public relations company for advice. Music publicists know the ins and outs of creating quality press releases that will help create a buzz for your brand and music. Starlight PR specializes in creating a strategy—including press releases—that is right for you.

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