Your vocals are superbly delivered. The song is masterfully written. Mixing and mastering are done and the producers are paid. You have the next #1 hit and you know it. It's time for Phase 1: "Song Roll-Out" .

Let us worry about courting radio programming directors with dinners and events. Let us handle the marketing of your single through ads and videos. We want the fans to turn on Hot 97 and hear your single, turn on BET and see your video, walk down the street and see a poster of you, look on Billboard, the iTunes chart... We want them to see you! Our premium Hostile TakeOver Campaign does all that and more.

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This campaign is available only to artists signed to or have a co-venture or joint venture deal with Major Labels.

Currently unavailable for purchase.

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This package is not currently available for purchase.
Sold out until June 2019.

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