Our 2-Week Awareness Campaign is perfect for the up-and-coming artist with a single, album or mixtape and in need of immediate Awareness. This strategic PR and marketing campaign is specifically designed to build and brand both your online and offline presence. This campaign covers the two main building blocks of a PR campaign:

  • Awareness
  • Branding

(Awareness) Press Release Article and Blog Features.

  • We will schedule an interview that works for both you and one of our experienced publicists.
  • You do a 15-30 minutes phone interview with our publicist to gather data and insight about your released music or a project yet to be released.
  • Your press release will be crafted and we send you a rough draft for review. At this point, you can either request changes or give the green light to proceed. We work with you until the press release is perfected.
  • Once approved, we get your press release placed exclusively on MusicLinkUp Global Artist Spotlight and other sites known for promoting up-and-coming artists like TheHypeMagazine.com, Upcoming100.com and more.

Social Media Marketing

We continue to bring awareness to your music by leveraging the power of effective partnering, advanced marketing techniques and strategic social media marketing. You'll be promoted via sponsored tweets by some of the music industry's most influential companies - getting your music into the eyes and ears of the millions of fans in our network. Our partners include:

  • @StarlightPR1(The Music Industry's #1 PR Firm)
  • @Upcoming100(Presenting the Next Generation of Megastars)
  • @Buzzeem(The 1st Music Streaming service for upcoming artists)
  • @ManagersPro(The Easiest way to find the Perfect Artist Manager)
  • @BESTdamnBEATS(Premium Curated Beats from the World’s Most Talented Producers)
  • @VibeRogerClarke (Editor at Vibe Magazine)
  • @JCMHoldings(A Privately Held Investment Company Serving Various Sectors In The Music Industry)
  • @MusicLinkUp (The Future of Music Networking )

And that's not all. For a limited time, we will get your single on the fastest-growing music chart -- The @Upcoming100 Charts. See the charts here.

We also get you an exclusive feature on the Upcoming 100 Chart, the no. 1 chart for new artist discovery.

Radio/Podcast Campaign (Branding)

Effective marketing is strategic marketing. In Week 2, we will continue to bring awareness to your music while adding awareness to your brand. We will harness the power of radio/podcast to reach the masses, not just to premiere your single but for you to do live/prerecorded interviews.

It's great when your song gets played on the radio for two minutes. However, with radio interviews/podcasts, you have a platform of 15-20 minutes to help the people listening to the station get to know you better. That's how you create fans. And that's money in the bank! You now have an opportunity to sell your music, work your charm as an artist, and ultimately win the hearts of new fans.

All radio/podcast stations we partner with are known to promote up-and-coming artists such as: Rock On Radio, Vigilantes Radio, Renagade Radio, and many more.

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