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Gypsy-shoed Skinshell Curtain Blues showcases a unique blend of Rock and Blues from recording artist Ely James

PITTSBURGH, PA - Ely James is the ultimate storyteller as his song lyrics reveal. His music - one part Blues, one part Prog Rock - is the perfect blend of Classic Rock and Progressive. And his sound is perfectly suited for the kind of storytelling lyrics that has been born from a lifetime of honing his skills as a musician which has led to a long list of successful works, many of which can be found on his website at

His most recent project is the ten-song album "Gypsy-shoed Skinshell Curtain Blues." The name also serves as the name for the title track on the album. This three-song introduction to the larger project - which itself will be released later this Summer - is the perfect continuation for Ely James and for his future Trio Ely James and the Backtrakkers.

"It's a project that has sway, strut and swagger, in my humble estimation!" James said. "It's up-tempo Boogie Rock that's perfectly accentuated by brisk, earth-shaking leads distinctively set between smooth melodic lines. My experience is your experience!"

The three-song LP includes the singles "Forty Minus One," "She's got Mona Lisa Eyes" and the title track "Gypsy-shoed Skinshell Curtain Blues." James said the songs and the larger project yet to come were born from his minding his convocation over the past four years while "boning down on guitar." It's the perfect accompaniment to his other released works which are available on Amazon, Apple, iTunes, Google Play and on several streaming platforms including iHeart Radio and Spotify. Among that music following his debut release “Fountain of Youth” from June of 2019 is "Still Undeterred!," "The Original Outsiders," and "So I Wakes Up in the Morning" with "Gypsy-shoed Skinshell Curtain Blues" up next and preceding the slated "The El Diego Showdown Shuffle" and "Cruisn' for a Bluesn" LPs and CDs.

All of his music is designed with a power Rock-n-Blues trio in mind and in fact he's currently on the lookout for musicians as bassist and drummer to fill his trio as Backtrakkers.

"I'm looking for people who would mould some of that Classic Blues sound with more of today's modern sounds," James said. "I think that I'm from a foundational Blues Purist standpoint and a Prog Rock one somewhere in the middle and imagine that most people would pick that up from my previous compilations, considering they’re evolving. I refuse to be cornered into one specific genre it would seem, and I think this new project really shows that. Today, I'm ready for some more musicians to join me on this journey and am excited about taking my music into future."

James first got his start in music about thirty years ago. His first album made available to the public titled "Fountain of Youth" blends Powerhouse Rock with Classic Blues sounds like those from the 60s and 70s and was released on June 17th, 2019. Since that time, he has developed and released several other projects which are currently available across streaming platforms and are for sale on the market. James said he thrives on creating multiple projects at once and loves the pressure-packed atmosphere created by information overload.

"I see my best productivity comes out of information overload," he said. "Usually I'm working on two different songs at once, almost as though working two different machines. One hour I might be working on an upper-tempo Rock song and then the next, I might go to more of a relaxing thing or moderate-paced Texas-shuffle sway. By the end of the month, that type of approach gives me the best results for efficiency and paying attention to detail for what finally materializes. And I think it gives my audience a good experience in a good diverse mixture of Rock and Blues that I'm known for. More than anything, I like to rock people out."

To listen to and to purchase Ely James and the Backtrakkers’ music or to enquire and follow Ely on Social Media, you can amongst other sites visit:


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