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King Of The Supershows, Shorte Mak Brings Us Fresh Hip-Hop Straight From The Stage

Hip-hop artist Robert Natal—aka Shorte Mak / the King of the Low Rider Supershow Tour—brings us his latest single, “Highway,” along with the energy of an entertainer born for the spotlight. The new song reflects on the artist’s experience with wanting to spend time with his love interest by escaping drama, social media, and being on the phone nonstop, and instead wants to just enjoy life—on the highway. His music can best be described as “feel good music,” a blend of soft hip hop with the easy listening of modern pop. His sound incorporates elements of hip hop, rap, Tejano, and Latin music to tell stories meant for all audiences.

Hailing from San Marcos, Texas, Shorte Mak brings endless energy and fresh sound to the main stage. The Low Rider Supershow is the biggest car show in the country, amassing some 50,000+ spectators, and Shorte Mak is a staple performer and vendor there. “I’m an artist and hustle consistently,” says Shorte Mak. “I’m known in the area and want to bring my music to more fans across the nation. For 8 years I’ve been performing at the Supershow. It’s time to let everyone know my music.”

For Shorte Mak, music isn’t just a passion—it’s in his blood line. His father was a musician, too, in a Tejano band. “I get music from my dad. Growing up as a kid, I watched him practice and went to his shows. It’s in my genes. But this is a new age and era and now I do hip hop instead,” Shorte Mak explains about his roots.

“It’s what I want to die doing,” tells Shorte Mak, who is also in the jewelry business. When a new customer comes in for jewelry, he invites them to listen to his music and come to his shows. And when he’s performing? He lets fans know about his jewelry. The musician is an artist across many mediums, and he wants the world to know it. Coming soon, his singles “Drip” and “Jewelry Store” will introduce listeners to his other passion while taking them on a musical journey.

This year, Shorte Mak is looking to collaborate with more artists and continue spreading his love of music to fans across the globe. 

Make sure to stay connected to Shorte Mak on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.



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