‘Young, Angry And Pretty,’ Phoenix’s Tyme Is Breaking Out With Her Debut EP ‘Prone’

PHOENIX, Ariz. — “Young, Angry and Pretty, and Infiltrating Your City.”

With those words and catchy music, Phoenix singer and songwriter Tyme is pushing her way into the music scene with her first EP, “Prone,” making its way out on all platforms as we speak.

“Young, Angry and Pretty and Infiltrating Your City, YAP, it’s something I like to say,” Tyme said. “It’s me coming to the world and showing you my stuff and my music and how I get myself out there. I’m putting my singles out on the major platforms and I’ve made it my priority to finally pursue my music career.”

“Prone” is the title of the EP and the title of one of the eight tracks released as of July 27 with more coming soon.

Tyme released three songs between July 25 and July 27 to add to five she released in the last month. She’s letting her fans watch the album come together in real time as she uploads more music.  

“It’s exciting to see it come together,” she said. “It’s very exciting to see me grow in my music and how I’m just growing and seeing myself mature with my music and get better as each song comes along.”

The title track, ‘Prone’ is a catchy rap that lets people know exactly where Tyme stands and what happens if they cross her.

“‘Hold my phone ‘cause if you act up I’m prone,’” she said. “It’s a line in the song and it’s me. I’m basically going to eff them up if they were to come onto me wrong or try to down me. I’m prone, and I’m prone to making money, I’m prone to do things, I’m going to do it, I’m prone to. It’s the name of the first song and I thought it would be a great album title.”

Tyme describes her music as a fun mix of rap, R&B, and pop.

“I think my songs are really catchy and hip,” she said. “It’s good rap. I’ve been singing all my life and I started rapping at the age of 19.”

Another catchy tune, called “Lola the Bunny,” is based on the character in the “Space Jam” franchise of movies, and also represents Tyme’s alter ego.

“It’s like I’m in a club and people looking at me funny, I’m just telling them I’m Lola the Bunny,” she said. “It is a fun song, it’s very catchy and a lot of people learn the lyrics right away.”

Coming off some serious injuries she suffered when she was hit by a car in April 2022, Tyme said she’s ready to grab her career and make it something special, and this first EP is just the start.

 “I always had a passion for music, I was always listening to music,” Tyme said. “I write my own music, my songs and raps and I thought it would be awesome to finally put myself out there. I’m 26 and I don’t want to get older and feel like I missed out on so much.”

She’s preparing to perform live at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix on Sunday, Aug. 21. People can get tickets at https://myafton.com/TymeisProne.

Be sure to catch her music on all platforms and keep up with her on social media:

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