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Hip-Hop Artist GBO Releases Unforgettable New Single “Gone Too Soon”

Chicago-based GBO–otherwise known as Gilberto Johnson–is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist taking over the scene with his latest single, “Gone Too Soon.” Beginning with a calming (yet still somehow upbeat) instrumental, "Gone Too Soon" immediately captivates listeners with robust vocals and intricate verse connected through perfect delivery.

Naturally gifted at storytelling, GBO sees music as a way to connect to people and share experiences. Transforming personal stories into songs, GBO creates an auditory experience that resonates with his audience. Meshing stories of struggle and survival with upbeat vibes, the artist spreads his gospel while also entertaining.

“Throughout my life, I’ve had a few close friends and loved ones that passed away. It inspired me to write a song about remembering them while also keeping alive hopes for the future- ‘time is precious. tells GBO of the inspiration for his new single.

When it came to writing “Gone Too Soon,” GBO took a beat that captured his ear and got down to writing. “I didn’t like the lyrics at first so I changed them,” says the artist. “I redid them 2-3 times until I got to where I liked it.” Striving for perfection is the name of the game for GBO, who will continue to tweak a song until it feels just right.

For the single, GBO enlisted the vocal stylings of Rachel Phillips, a Pennsylvania-based singer-songwriter. In addition to the strong vocal delivery on the chorus, Rachel has a brief riff, later on, the “too soon” that sets the mood mid-song. It is the marriage of the two distinct voices that makes “Gone Too Soon” an enchanting mix of melancholy and positivity.

“I like having fun with my music,” shares GBO. “‘Gone Too Soon’ is sad, and different than what I usually write; however, I wanted to pay tribute to my lost friends and loved ones. I 
want people to listen to my music enjoy it. At the end of the day, my audience is going to like the song for one reason or another and that’s ok with me. Whether it’s for happy or sad reasons or to work out at the gym. I want to connect with my listeners.”

This single is a taste of more music to come in the new year. Listeners can expect to hear more of the vivid stories GBO tells, all connected by the string of empathy that laces his music together.

Make sure to stay connected to GBO on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.



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