Not many commercial radio stations can give you this much leverage -- reaching over 4 million fans in an hour of press conference. To accomplish this feat, we’ve partnered with 10 of the most influential companies in the music industry such as @VibeClarkRoger and @EmilyChri5.

Press Release Campaign

  • We will schedule an interview that works for both you and one of our experienced publicists.
  • You do a 15-30 minutes phone interview with our publicist to gather data and insights about your released single or a project yet to be released.
  • Your press release will be crafted and we send you a rough draft for review. At this point, you can either request changes or give the green light to proceed. We work with you until the press release is perfected.
  • Once approved, we get your press release placed exclusively on 10 blogs sites known for promoting up-and-coming artists. This includes,, and more.

Press Conference

  • Provide us with the single/project to be promoted.
  • We send your materials to all our partners for review, and they come up with questions in your Press Conference/Twitter TakeOver.
  • We schedule a time and date to do the conference.
  • On the date of the Press Conference, we will give you full access to our Twitter account with almost 300,000 followers. Our partners at Vibe, BET and more, will direct their questions to you and you will respond directly through our Twitter account. From their combined followers, your music will be reaching more than 4 million potential fans, media outlets and music industry professionals who will be aware of your music and your brand. That's what we call effective marketing.

We can have any of the accounts verify that they work with us before you proceed.

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